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Established in 1916, Harbor Custom Canvas was the first ship's chandlery and sailmaking shop in the Los Angeles harbor. We offer a full line of custom yacht canvas, including dodgers, enclosures and all covers to provide protection for the boat and comfort for the passengers. Our reputation for quality is unsurpassed. Our commitment to providing one-on-one service to every customer is the very heart of our business.

Our specialty at Harbor Custom Canvas is providing the finest CUSTOM DODGERS and enclosures known to the boating community. Dodgers contribute immensely to the comfort of the helmsman and crew. Tops and ENCLOSURES provide the maximum protection from sun and weather in addition to keeping the boat clean and dry.

To protect brightwork, interior fabrics, your passengers and your investment, Harbor Custom Canvas uses the FINEST MATERIALS available. From the fabrics to the stitching, we're as careful in our selection of products as you are in choosing who will get your business.


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