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Harbor Custom Canvas has been a leader in the marine canvas industry, serving the Long Beach and Los Angeles harbor area.

Established in 1916, Harbor Custom Canvas was the first ship’s chandlery and sail making loft in the Los Angeles harbor. Today, the company designs and manufactures a full line of custom canvas products, including dodgers, enclosures, and covers, for all makes of yachts and marine vessels. The specialty at Harbor Custom Canvas is the fabrication of the finest custom dodgers and enclosures available. On sailboats, a dodger contributes immensely to the comfort of the helmsman and crew. On power boats, tops and enclosures offer maximum protection from sun and weather; keep the boat clean and dry; and protect bright work, interior fabrics, passengers, and investment.

 Harbor Custom Canvas clients are individual boat owners, corporations, and government agencies that include BP, Marine Spill Response Corporation, the California Department of Fish and Game, the Port of Long Beach, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and several City of Long Beach departments.

 Dan Loggans, owner of Harbor Custom Canvas since 2005, comes from an entrepreneurial family background. As the eldest of six children, Dan helped with, and subsequently ran, his father’s building maintenance business while continuing his education at Cypress Community College. Due to his love of boating, Dan then turned to the marine canvas industry, where he had more freedom to express himself artistically and to expand his business skills.

 Hired on at Harbor Custom Canvas in 1983, Dan has spent the last 27 years mastering the art of canvas covers and enclosures. He is considered one of the best marine canvas fabricators in Southern California, and, he has won several awards from the Marine Fabricators Association and the Industrial Fabrics Association International. Dan has the unique ability to clearly interpret a customer’s desires, and then to succinctly explain the product and design option that best fits the customer’s needs.

 Dan is an active participant in the Southern California Marine Association, the Industrial Fabrics Association International, the Marine Fabricators Association, the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, and the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. He is resolved to be known as a person who runs a successful company, who is an honest and trustworthy member of the community, and who puts his customers and employees ahead of himself.

 In business, Dan is most proud of Harbor Custom Canvas’s reputation in the yachting community. As well, Dan is especially pleased with the smooth transition he orchestrated between the previous owners and himself, which enabled him to retain all staff and to maintain all of the company’s established vendor and customer relationships. Dan is easily spotted on the docks by his trademark working attire: shorts, floppy sun hat, and Hawaiian shirts.